Chris Lane

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General Manager, Nando’s

How is The Yards different from other DC neighborhoods?

Location Location Location, how many other neighborhoods could you throw a snowball into the Washington Nationals Stadium from your front door.

When it comes to neighborhood food, are you liberal, conservative or independent?

I try to stay away from politics in real life and with my neighborhood food selection. Everything is tasty and no one tries to listen to your conversations while your eat.

What’s the most daring thing you’ve ever done?

I might have left the toilet seat up once…

What was a fashion no-no you committed when a teenager?

Embarrassingly enough I committed one No-No a day as a child. If it wasn’t for my two older sisters waiting in the kitchen to send me back upstairs to change I would have probably gone to school with Polka dots matching stripes as well as 5 sizes too big.

Chardonnay or microbrew?

Neither, I prefer a healthy shot of weed-grass.

Finish this sentence: “I see a river, let’s ________.”

Caulk the wagon and float it, Ford the River; or Hire a Ferry to take us across for a small fee. Choose Wisely.

What phrases or words do you wish you could never hear again?

Justin Bieber, anything

What’s the guiltiest of your guilty pleasures?

I like to drive really fast, it’s not a guilty pleasure until I get caught, and might have something to do with being from New Jersey.

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