Chris Rolfe

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Soccer Player, D.C. United

Q: Give us an insight into the world of D.C. United, something we wouldn’t know.

Our group is very tight knit, so we get along on and off the field. You’ll see us in each other’s faces during the games, yelling and screaming at each other, but after the game we all get along well. I think that dynamic and mutual respect is one of the keys of our top finish in the Eastern Conference this year.

Q: What’s the most memorable moment in your pro soccer career thus far?

One of my most memorable moments comes from the fall of 2005 when I was chosen to play with the U.S. Men’s National Team against Scotland. I had just finished my first season as a pro and it capped off an incredible year for me.

Q: What was the last song you played?

Bob Seger’s “Night Moves”.

Q: If you could choose the next ice cream flavor at Ice Cream Jubilee, what would it be? 

Ohio Buckeye.

Q: Have you met anyone that you were starstrucked by? Was he/she what you imagined?  

Garth Brooks. He was extremely personable and interested in what we were talking about. He’s extremely generous, kind and extremely talented.

Q: D.C. was recently named one of America’s best cities for dating. Are you single?

I’m currently in a relationship with someone in DC which may help validate the claim that it’s a great city to meet someone.

Q: With the fall season here, it’s an exciting time for television; favorites return and new shows debut. Is there a particular show that you are hooked on?

I don’t have cable so I haven’t been watching any new shows. I’m about to finish Orange Is The New Black which shows on Netflix and I’m looking forward to beginning House of Cards shortly after.

Q: Which important figure or athlete would you love to meet? What questions would you ask? 

Bo Jackson – how does it feel being the greatest athlete of all time?

Q: What’s the weirdest word in the English language? 


Q: How is The Yards different from other DC neighborhoods?

It’s contemporary and fresh.

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