Greg Engert

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Beer Director, Bluejacket

Why do you live/work/shop/play at The Yards?

I love being part of this great up-and-coming neighborhood on the waterfront. The opportunity to operate a craft brewery within such a beautiful and historic area is–and has long been–incredibly exciting. Did you know that DC’s first brewery, The Washington Brewery, called the neighborhood home from 1805 until 1836?

Tell us something about yourself that might surprise your friends.

Believe it or not, athletics were huge for me in High School…I played varsity baseball and basketball way back when.

Chardonnay or microbrew?

I’m legally required to say microbrew…

If you weren’t a Beer Director for a living, what would you be?

I would have followed my first path into academia…likely teaching Modernist Fiction at the University level.

What’s the biggest misperception about living/working in The Yards?

I think a lot of people have the misconception that The Yards neighborhood is remote, and so far away from the rest of DC…it definitely is not, and–compared to other cities–nothing in DC is ever too far away from anything else.

What was a fashion no-no you committed when a teenager?

Lots of baggy cargo pants…

If you could be the new Editor-in-Chief of any magazine, which would it be?

The New Yorker…so I could finally have time to read all the articles.

What will you be doing right after this questionnaire?

Making beer!

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