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Q: If you could anywhere in the world tomorrow, where would it be and why?

Thailand. Love the country. We just started producing there and it’s always a treat to visit our suppliers. –Pranav 

Q: Do you have plans to open a brick + mortar outside of DC? Which city is on your radar?

No. — Pranav
Yes. — Philip
Chicago? — James

Q: What can we expect in your next collection?

We have so much amazing stuff coming out in the next few months. One item that has been really popular is our Print Popover. It’s a cambric cotton short-sleeve shirt with a 1/4 placket and banded collar. The fabrics are block and screen printed by hand and in an amazing set of colors and designs. — Pranav 

Q: Which shirt color and pattern is most popular among your customers? 

White. Always. Guys love a great fitting crisp white shirt. — James

Q: Describe the Hugh & Crye gentleman.

 The Hugh & Crye gentleman is curious, intelligent, and hungry for more. He’s ready to take on the day, whether that is work or an adventure ahead of him. Style means more to him than fashion. He wants to be moved by experiences. He is us, we are him, and we’re on a journey together. — Phil 

Q: What are 5 things any man should always have?

1. A watch. iPhones don’t count. -Pranav
2. A Klean Kanteen – tap water is good for you. — Phil
3. Some sort of sports memorabilia important to you. — James
4. A Postalco or Muji notebook – writing your thoughts out is important. Again, iPhones don’t count. –Pranav
5. Clothing that actually fits your body! Shameless plug, but our shirts are pretty great for lean or athletically built men. — James

Q: Any plans to expand into women’s shirting, a kids/boys collection, and/or pants/shorts collection?

Haha! All questions that we get quite often. We’d love to expand our collection, but at this time our focus is set on men and their torsos. — James

Q: Why open at The Yards? What attracted you to the neighborhood and how is it different from others?

We love the Yards. The neighborhood feels like it’s about to burst with life. It already has a lot of energy, but we feel like we’re at the tipping point. (We can’t wait for Pacers & Philz Coffee!) — Phil

Q: How about a Yards shirt collection? :) What would that look like?

The Yards has already been an influence on some of our styles. We launched a collection of denim shirts named Latrobe and Bluejacket, drawing on inspiration from the history of this neighborhood. Latrobe after the Benjamin Henry Latrobe, architect of the Latrobe Gate constructed in the early 1800s. He also worked on the Capitol Building shortly after finishing the gate. Bluejacket is a term for an enlisted sailor in the Navy, but also our good friends at Bluejacket brewery helped spark the name. 

Also look out for a few red fitted pocket tees we’ll be launching soon, inspired by the Nationals of course.


Q: Which celebrity/important figure(s) would you love to dress in H&C?

POTUS, no question. He’s a tall and lean guy with classic style. Would look great in our shirts. –Pranav
Bryce Harper. He has a great personal style to him and obviously the best player in the league. — James

Q: Among the current presidential candidates, who is in most need of a H&C shirt/makeover?

 Donald Trump – he could use a makeover in a few areas. — Phil

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