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Q: Tell us about the most treasured photograph you’ve shot.

My most treasured image that I have is with my previous dog, Brody dressed as Batman. It’s the first image people see when they walk into our apartment and see a dog shy and dressed as my favorite superhero. What gives it extra meaning was that he was my subject as I practiced my lighting set up years ago and he was an awesome “bro”.

Q: What’s on your Holiday Gift Wish List?

Where to begin! One great tool that I wish I could get is the Movi 5 camera stabilizer but it’s way out of my price point. One thing that my wife knows I could always have is more camera lenses or a bigger TV.

Q: What movie and song do you watch/listen to every winter holiday season?

One of my all time classics to watch during the winter season is Die Hard. Seeing Bruce Willis going around stopping terrorist with no shoes during the Christmas themed movie is great to see because it adds an extra sense of entertainment. And holiday song: the JGL and Zooey Deschanel of What are you doing New Year’s Eve. Classic duet that my wife and I listen to.

Q: Best meal/drink you’ve had at The Yards?

The best meal I’ve had at The Yards would be meeting another wedding photographer at Kruba Thai and enjoying a nice meal with drinks and discussing our passion for photography. I recommended that location because the staff is always great, the setting itself has details to talk about and their Panang is amazing. Plus, it’s always a go-to stop for my wife and I to get mango sticky rice.

Q: Which celebrity do you find most intriguing?

I’m a huge fan of Joseph Gordon Levitt and his ability to act, direct, and run his own organization called HitRecord. He’s multi-talented and no matter how busy he is, he’s constantly reinventing himself.

Q: What’s the weirdest word in the English language?

Luminance. (Something I’m not use to saying but something that I hear with photography.)

Q: What’s one of your most visited websites for daily culture and news?  


Q: What’s next for you? Any goals or exciting plans in the New Year?

I’m continuing to do more video production work along with my photography. I’ve been branching into commercial videography work for the past few months and enjoying it. I’ve been doing video production for the past 12 years and continue wanting to combine both stills and video as a way of storytelling. I’ve been working on a documentary for the past six months about animal adoption and will kick start that into the new year.

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