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Style Blogger, The Bobbed Brunette

Q: Your bobbed hairstyle, we’re lovin’ it!

I’ve always had long hair as a child and teenager. In my early twenties I craved a new look and just went opposite of what I had. I love how chic a bobbed haircut is. It’s versatile and manageable without being boring.

Q: What’s a misperception people have about style bloggers?

I think people have this misperception that bloggers never wear the same thing twice or have an unlimited closet. The truth is many bloggers are sponsored by designers or clothing companies. And when we do repeat an outfit, it’s never recorded. ;)

Q: Blondes may have more fun, but bobbed brunettes ________.

are best dressed at the party.

Q: What do you love about The Yards?

I love how the foodie in me can come out to play. The Yards has so many wonderful restaurants to choose from. Not to mention a great crowd and beautiful scenery.

Q: What do you do when you have nothing to wear?

When I have nothing to wear I usually go for a little black dress. Every women should have at least 3. When all else fails, borrow something to wear from one of your girlfriends!

Q: What are 3 tips for budget-conscience shopping?

1) Always Google a coupon code. 2) Make your tailor your new BFF. Sometimes less expensive clothing tend to not fit as perfect. This is when your tailor comes in handy to create a more precise high end look. Buy the least expensive piece to create the look for less. 3) Reuse what’s already in your closet.

Q: What are your thoughts on DC’s style scene?

DC’s style scene is very eclectic. I love how everyone has their own special unique style. From preppy college student, to grungy hipster. Honestly, I don’t believe in bad style. Style is solely personal. I dress I how feel that day and no one can tell you how to feel.

Q: What’s your current lipstick obsession?

“Kinda Sexy” by MAC cosmetics. It’s my favorite nude colored lipstick of the moment.

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