Victoria Lai

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Owner, Ice Cream Jubilee

Q: Finish this sentence: “The Yards is the only neighborhood in DC where it ________.”

feels like a Saturday every day!

Q: Tell us something about yourself that might surprise your friends.

I have a unique talent of being able to identify people’s cartoon look-alike. (But I don’t have the power to summon these skills on demand. Sorry!)

Q: If you weren’t a ________ for a living, what would you be?

If I weren’t an attorney, I’d make ice cream, and if I weren’t an ice cream maker, I’d work with flowers and fruit as a garden designer and florist. I’d also dabble in painting and try my hand at designing and sewing dresses.

Q: What’s the biggest misperception about living/working in DC?

Washington, DC draws people who are passionate about creating a brighter future for the world. But do-gooders need weekends, too! DC isn’t an “all work and no play” city, and we eat, drink, and celebrate across party lines.

Q: If you could be the new Editor-in-Chief of any magazine, which would it be?

I love Monocle magazine – it combines the mindful global news and commentary of the Economist, curated culture and style of the Sartorialist blog, and exciting business stories of Fast Company. Their team is inspiring and I’d love to travel with them!

Q: What phrases or words do you wish you could never hear again?

I am obsessed with identifying words I like and don’t like. Words I like: yurt, bacalao, mamahuhu, Chaka Khan. Words I do not like: diorama, scabies, scapes, scabs.

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