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Transportation Demand Management Commitments for 1275 New Jersey Avenue, SE and and 1300 Yards Place

  1. Identify and share with DDOT and goDCgo ( the full contact information for the Project’s TDM Leader (for planning, construction, and operations) who will distribute and market to tenants of the building various transportation alternatives and options, to act as a point of contact with DDOT/Zoning Enforcement with annual updates;
  2. Provide TDM materials to new tenants of the building in any “welcome” materials and post all TDM commitments online for tenant reference;
  3. Provide the Project’s TDM Leaders’ contact information to DDOT and goDCgo ( and report TDM efforts and amenities to goDCgo staff once per year; 
  4. Provide website links to and on property websites;
  5. Provide for the Project’s TDM Leaders to receive TDM training from goDCgo to learn about the TDM conditions for the Project and available options for implementing the TDM plan; 
  6. Notify goDCgo each time a new office tenant occupying a full floor or more of the Project moves into the Project and provide TDM information to each such new tenant; 
  7. Post “getting here” information in a visible and prominent location on the website for the Project’s retail component, which information shall feature non-automotive travel modes and shall provide links to, transit agencies around the metropolitan area, and instructions for customers discouraging parking on-street in Residential Permit Parking zones;
  8. Require the TDM Leader to distribute information on the “Commuter Connections Guaranteed Ride Home” program, which provides commuters who regularly carpool, vanpool, bike, walk or take transit to work with a free and reliable ride home in an emergency;
  9. Implement or require office tenants within the building to implement a carpooling system such that individuals working in the building who wish to carpool can easily locate other employees who live nearby; 
  10. Provide tenants with employees who wish to carpool detailed carpooling information and will be referred to other carpool matching services sponsored by the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments (MWCOG) or other comparable service if MWCOG does not offer this in the future;
  11. Require tenants with 20 or more employees to comply with the DC Commuter Benefits Law and participate in one of the three transportation benefits outlined in the law (employee-paid pre-tax benefit, employer-paid direct benefit, or shuttle service);
  12. Install a Transportation Information Center Display (electronic screen) within the Project’s office lobby, which Display shall contain information related to local transportation alternatives; 
  13. Work with the Capitol Riverfront BID’s marketing efforts targeting the SE and SW quadrants of the District, which marketing efforts shall include installing posters in bus shelter map cases, transit oriented promotional materials, and special transit maps in Navy Yard area;
  14. Provide, at no charge to and for use by any tenant of the building or employee thereof, no fewer than 86 long-term bicycle parking spaces in the Project with room to accommodate non-traditional sized bikes including cargo and tandem bikes;
  15. Provide no fewer than six showers and 50 lockers for tenant of the building or employee thereof;
  16. Provide no fewer than 12 short-term bicycle parking spaces along 1½ Street and/or N Street, S.E.;
  17. Provide a bicycle repair station in the secure long-term bicycle storage room;
  18. Price all parking in the Project at market rates, at minimum, where “market rates” are the average cost for parking at a one-quarter mile radius from the site;
  19. Unbundle the cost of parking from the cost to lease an office unit;
  20. Refrain from leasing unused parking spaces to anyone aside from tenants of the building unless there is an agreement in place in which no parking is provided at the other property; 
  21. Designate a minimum of four preferential carpooling spaces and four preferential vanpooling spaces in a convenient location within the parking garage for employee use; and
  22. Require any office tenant occupying 75% or more of the office space in the Project to participate in the Capital Bikeshare corporate membership program and offer discounted annual memberships to employees.